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Amazon SEO

Amazon SEO is all about boosting your sales. We are here to help you by offering your Amazon SEO by optimizing your products listing more to get better sales and to rank more highly in Amazon Searches. 

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Amazon Ads

Similar to Google search, Amazon ads is for getting more eyes on your products. Advertising helps in building your brand, driving sales and engaging customers on Amazon. We are here to do Amazon Ads for your business. 

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Amazon Seller Central

Become an Amazon seller through Hub Media. Amazon seller central is all about beginning your journey of selling products on Amazon. With the help of Amazon, now you can reach millions of buyers. 

Amazon Coupons and Deals Promotion

Amazon coupons and deals promotion are a perfect way to add more customers to buy your products. We will help you to provide deals and coupons to customers and reach more buyers through this marketing trend. 

Amazon Product Reviews

Amazon product reviews are about getting every information about the product your business is selling. Also, what customer has to say about your services? We will help you to gain customers by providing product reviews and rank your website. 

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Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA can scale your business high and reach more customers. We will provide you service of Fulfillment by Amazon, it is all about storing your products in Fulfillment’s centers of Amazon. It is one and all solution of reaching your potential customers. 

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Amazon Marketing Services at the amazon marketing agency Kolkata is a complete online arrangement that aids in acquiring business benefits. We help in driving the traffic to the store to expand the benefits of your business. We help publicize your business and help cause it to show up at the highest point of internet search rankings. If you are thinking of acquiring amazon marketing solutions for your business, it helps a business grow profitable and controlled. At Hub Media, through amazon marketing, we try to reach out to your targeted customers and promote your products and services. As the top-notch amazon PPC management company, we help you display your ads at the right time to the targeted audiences. We make sure that we retargeted that audience again who have been interested in your business products and services before. 

At Hub Media, we have skilled marketers who will help you to launch Amazon stores and marketplace on Amazon to target the audience for buying the products and services. Reviewed as one of the best amazon marketing agency Kolkata, we provide services like product optimization so that people see your product or services at the top of the internet search engines. Hub Media amazon’s marketing services help in increasing your revenue along with increasing your brand value on amazon. 

As one of the best amazon PPC management company, our amazon PPC managers will create a campaign for you to target the keywords and searches most important to your products.

If you are looking for quality work at an affordable price range, Hub Media is a suitable choice. 

Amazon Marketing Consultant 

Grow your business and increase traffic by reaching out to the targeted audience with online advertising solutions. With Amazon online marketing, we can help you to Manage, Optimize and plan your business growth. Hub Media isn’t just another amazon ads agency. We are an advanced Amazon advertising agency with proprietary in-house ad technology with skilled marketers. You can trust us with your business profit and growth as we provide you services like full access to auto-bidding technology to manage bids at the individual keywords level, A/B testing of the Amazon ads creative, and many more. 

Contending on Amazon requires in excess of an aggressive search engine optimization (SEO) procedure — it likewise requests a competitive compensation for each pay-per-click (PPC) crusade. 

Right around 10% of clicks on Amazon currently go to paid advertisements, showing that if you’re not promoting, you’re not procuring what you could on the world’s greatest web-based business stage. As one of the reputed amazon ads agency, Hub Media can help you to maximize your earnings. 

  • Product Page Optimization: 

At Hub Media, we provide technological optimization, designing and strategy with back-end strategy of the product page of your brand so that more customers reach your product page. 

  • Organic Ranking: 

The best part about being the top amazon ads agency is that we provide product listing and increased organic brand visibility with a strategic approach to bring relevant traffic to increase sales with relevant keywords to make sure that your business shows in the top ranking of search engines. 

  • Campaign Idea and Advertising: 

With Hub Media, you don’t have to worry about the paid advertisement as we analyze the best sales generating campaign ideas so that it delivers more results. 

Our amazon online marketing services include in-depth keyword research where we research high-value keywords for each of your products. We study several factors when choosing keywords, including their search volume, competition, and cost-per-click (CPC). Amazon marketing services are tools that you can use to leverage your marketing campaign on amazon and get more sales. 

So, if you are still looking for the best amazon marketing agency Kolkata, you can reach out to us to discuss the best marketing strategy for your business. 

Amazon Marketing FAQs

What are Amazon Ads?

Amazon advertisements are product placements on in such a way that you can expect to help you arrive at more clients, increase sales, and develop your brand online. Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Product Display Ads each have their focusing on rules and required campaign structures.

Can I advertise products on Amazon?

 Yes, you can advertise products on Amazon. Amazon Sponsored Product Ads is a PPC (pay per click) model that allows you to promote your products along with search results. 

Digital marketing is focused on a comprehensive approach towards evaluating your goals, understanding the behavioural pattern of your target group, assessing your resources, monitoring and predicting industry trend and finally planning a set of strategies that will leave a larger and lingering impact on your business reach and revenue. 

With the world going digital, everything from infrastructure to data management and analytics can no longer remain in silos and instead, needs to undergo complete transformation. It necessities opting for digital marketing optimization to help your business get the volume and quality of attention it needs for growth and glory. 

Digital marketing helps your business growth through 

  • a new technology plan and operational model 
  • a new approach to enable development, deployment and constant optimization of digital marketing effort
  • continuous assessment of customer experiences and expectations 
  • fulfilling technology requirements for an integrated, best-in-class and bespoke system for data management, analysis and collaboration
How do amazon sponsored ads work?

Amazon-sponsored product ads work on the pay-per-click (PPC) model. You need to choose the right keywords for the selected products you need to advertise and then select the attributes for targeting. After selecting the ideal keywords, you need to enter the Cost-per-click according to your budget. When one of your customers searches for the targeted product, your ad will be shown. 

How do I advertise on amazon seller central?

To advertise on Amazon seller central, you must meet specific eligibility criteria provided by Amazon. On seller Central, you can choose from a wide range of options like sponsored products, sponsored brands, discounted deals, and other amazing promotions to promote your product.

What is Amazon AMS?

Amazon AMS stands for Amazon Marketing Service. Amazon Marketing Services is Amazon’s pay-per-click (PPC) platform where sellers can get their products in front of a targeted audience based on keywords, products, and customer interests. The services offered by AMS include Amazon Pages and Product Display Ads. 

Do Sponsored Products targeting use keywords within product listings?

 Yes, sponsored products target the use of keywords within the product listings specifically for automated campaigns. We use product content to calculate the relevancy of the searched product.