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Baidu Interesting Facts You Didn’t Even Know

Baidu took off on January 18, 2000, like Baidu, Inc with its base in Beijing. It is a multi-national Chinese technology business. Its primary focus is on internet-related items and solutions, along with artificial intelligence. Based on Alexa Internet, this ranks fourth worldwide as one of the biggest internet firms. (Alexa Web is an American corporation. Its commercial online traffic statistics are wholly controlled by Amazon.) So, to put it together, Baidu would be the Chinese version of Google. Every one of us uses Google as our primary search engine. Yet, Baidu remains the most used search engine in China.

There is no doubt that Google is well-established. It does not need to worry about Baidu taking up that search engine business. Yet, people around the globe are even talking about Baidu.

We are here to assist you to learn about such search engines. Along with it, we will also let you know some interesting things about the firm. Here are 20 interesting things about Baidu that you may not know about Baidu.

Fascinating Facts to know about Baidu

Fanyi Baidu’s history is full of trials and tribulations, acquisitions, advancements, and mysteries. Here is another summary of a few of the truths that have helped to shape Baidu into what this is today.

Recently the headlines

Baidu recently made headlines for its “creepy AI.” This is because it can replicate your speech after a moment of hearing you speak. Baidu uses Deep Voice. Deep Voice is an AI that can understand the eccentricities of your speech. It also understands which sounds correspond with the text. As per the article, Deep Voice may generate a voice that is indistinguishable from your own.

Moreover, it can alter how your tone and present it. It can present you as a different sex or can even transform a foreign accent. It has an automatic voice translation. Baidu believes to use this technology to create customized digital assistants. A creepy technology possesses the potential to have significant consequences! Is it even believable? Well, believe it or not, this is how it is. Individuals may be capable to use it to assume a part of another person’s identity.

How to Pronounce Baidu

We’ll now return to the fundamentals. You might be thinking about how to say “Baidu.” That is exactly how this is spelled. Baidu, which translates as “many times” comprises two words. “Bai” spells like bye as well as buy, while “du” spells like dew or even do. When combined, the word comes as bye-dew that is how it must sound!

The Name of the Company

Baidu got its name from a famous poem published during the Chinese Sang Dynasty. The poem was almost 800 years old. Xin Qiji wrote the poem Green Jade Table in The Lantern Festival. The last phrase of the poetry is from where Baidu got its name.

The Company’s Founder

Robin Li, sometimes known as Li Yanhong, had been born around 1968. He was the only child. He grew up in a little village called Yang Quan. He stayed here until he took admitted to study computer engineering. He studied at Beijing University. The university closed down following pro-democracy protests in 1989. Li later went to the State Institute of New York at Buffalo. He received his post-graduate degree around 1994 and began his career with IDD. He was capable of creating software for this Wall Street Paper’s online version while there.

He developed RankDex, another site-scoring system, while still working at IDD. It was during 1996, when Sergey Brin, as well as Larry Page, started developing BackRub. They thought it would become a famous search engine like Google.

Following IDD, Li worked as a freelance software developer at Infoseek, another search engine. He was thus invited back into China. He got the invitation to commemorate the communist government’s fiftieth anniversary in 1999. Li and his friend Eric Wu sensed the possibility of developing an internet business. This is when he founded Baidu.

Original Goal

Baidu began by providing search solutions to several Chinese platforms. Yet, the firm was losing cash on this effort, so it reopened as an autonomous site in 2001. According to Forbes, Li wanted to upgrade the search performance. But the websites could not afford it. They were also not willing to spend on it, and thus Baidu became an autonomous site.

Before Google

Baidu actually sold ad space before Google in the United States. When Baidu restarted its firm as a searching engine, it looked like Google’s main page. Baidu enabled marketers to bid on advertising spaces. This was way before Google started it. Around 2004, Baidu was generating a nice profit. But nowadays Baidu HK stock is fluctuating.


Baidu would be the globe’s second most popular search engine, after Google. Furthermore, the business controls more than 75% of the Chinese search engine industry. Planning a vacation to China? have plans of moving there? Then you must keep in mind that you will not be able to Google stuff. You will instead need to Baidu everything!