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Search Google or Type URL in Google


Searching for the perfect phrase in Google by typing the URL or using any other method may be tricky. We have answered all your common questions regarding the most useful Google search tricks, from new features to basic tips. What is a Search or Type URL in Google? Search Google or type a URL can […]

Digital Marketing-A gateway to Build Brand Voice for Building the Business

Digital Marketing is a new-age of marketing component that utilizes the modern age of online and digital technologies. The digital technologies include desktop computers, mobile phones, and other digital mediums to promote any products and services. In the recent era, the digital platform has become extremely assimilated into marketing plans and in everyday life.  Digital […]

What is Hotjar? Heatmaps & Behaviour Analytics Tools In Digital Marketing

hotjar heatmaps

The user experience and web usability is becoming more important, in addition, many digital marketing decisions are based on the variety of data collected from user behavior.   The tool that we are going to present today can provide even more valuable information to optimize your site and better understand your audience.  Tools that visually show […]

Google Map Live & How It Functions

google map live

Google maps come with life saving features known as real life location that enables you to share live location with your friends and family. While sharing a live location, you have entire control on the privacy of your profile. It is one of the features of Google maps that is available on both Android and […]

Top 8 Digital Marketing Companies in Kolkata

top digital marketing companies

Commercial activities have become online today. Social media has an influence in the expansion of business and marketing. The same goes for the top digital marketing company in Kolkata. Today, having a social media presence is an advantage. If you want to sync your business with trends and times, you need to choose online marketing.  […]

Top Qualities of the Best Digital Marketing Company in Kolkata


Digital marketing companies pave the way for your business’s future in the digital space. With rapid digitization in progress, going online is inevitable for better growth. Right from client acquisition to marketing your brand, everything has moved online now. When you head out to select a digital marketing company Kolkata here are some of the […]

Google Career Certificate: What You Should Know?


Looking for a new position in one of the quickest expanding technological fields? Google Professional Certificate can help you get started. Google’s virtual learning program includes classes in various fields. Including, customer experience design, projects management, and data analysis. The programs also include an Android programming certification course. Those are supplementary to the Google help […]

Page Experience Ranking Factors

page ranking

In this digital world, businesses, irrespective of their size, offering, or target customers, have shifted their focus to online marketing. This increased focus on online marketing has created the need to rank higher on search engine results pages to drive maximum traffic and boost the company’s chance of securing a sale. The number of people […]

Facebook vs Twitter vs Instagram vs Snapchat –Choose Your Option


Social media has created a virtual marketing platform for businesses of all types and sizes to project their best and promote their launches. On top of that, social media sites allow one to stay connected to the audiences, thereby making it easier to feel the pulse of the potential consumers through uninterrupted engagement and exchange, […]

Ytpals: Grow Your Youtube Subscribers

ytpals youtube

So, you have launched a YouTube channel. Like many, you think views are most important. Millions of views will make you a celebrity YouTuber and keep your coffer tinkling all the time, right? When you are excessively focused on views, an important point is slipping off your radar. It is YouTube subscribers.  Importance of YouTube […]