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Content Optimization tools to help you to gain authority in 2021

Content Optimization is such an integral part of content writing. Whatever content you may create it requires the finishing layer of SEO polish in order to make it shine. In order to make your content engaging and memorable,it is absolutely necessary to use content optimization tools. 

In this article we will introduce to you many content optimization tools which should be an important part of your workflow, and you can select each one according to your preferences.

Content Optimization can help you to reach the largest possible target audience. SEO Tools for Content Writing helps you to identify pages on your site which needs to be optimized for keywords and phrases that you are targeting. 

These below mentioned content optimization softwares can help you in the following ways:

  • To identify problems which prevent a content from ranking higher in search engines. 
  • It will also help you to scout the web and get the perfect recommendations for your pages.
  • It will help to increase the quality traffic for your page within a short period of time.

Usage of all these tools can take you from keyword research to optimized copy. They will help your content to shine  at the right place and the right time.

1) Seo Content Template is a very important content optimization tool

SEO Content Template allows content writers to write craft SEO friendly content by providing a number of recommendations based on target keywords. 

When you will use this, after entering a single keyword or group of keywords a template will be generated with text length,readability score,to include semantically related keywords,potential backline targets and much more.

 It helps you to get SEO recommendations based on actual content from the top ten rivals for your target keywords on google. It will provide you knowledge about how your competitors are using your target keywords on their pages. It is also known as Writing Assistance.

SEO Content Template will recommend readability score and list of websites to get backlinks from. 

2) Frase  play a major role in writing to the point content

Frase is one of the most important tools which helps to write a brief and to the point content. Frase helps you to quickly create a brief content using artificial intelligence.

It will suggest you the content topic and subtopics and helps you to gain authority over the topic you are covering. The content optimizer part after scanning provides one the top ranking articles and suggests what should be added in the writing to improve the ranking.

One can simply use this content optimization for existing or new articles and it is absolutely budget friendly.

3) Surfer Seo will make your seo process much more faster

 Surfer SEO will help your on page SEO process to become easier,faster and more comprehensive.

Surfer SEO focuses only on data driven on page seo optimization and they are constantly improving their machine learning algorithm to provide the best optimization recommendations.

The surfer seo helps you to find the idle page load time by comparing the page load time of all pages. By improving the loading time of the page you can actually improve the ranking of the page.

4) Clearscope is a very popular content optimization tool

Clearscope is a popular business seo content optimization tool with a neat interface. It is a keyword research and content optimization tool and it has a feature called ‘Optimize’ which grades your content based on “content relevance and comprehensiveness”. 

This tool scans your content for key LSI keywords and provides you a letter grade based on how well the content has been optimized for SEO. It also offers a google document add on which helps to bring the function of clearscope in google docs.

It will also help you to identify the content gap of your article by comparing it with other top ranking articles on google.

5) Hemmingway editor acts as a  proofreader

Hemingway Editor acts as a proofreader to find complex and hard to read sentences.It highlights and corrects grammar and sentence structure to make your writing look better and readable. 

You can easily paste your content in the hemingway desktop editor to identify complex sentences and improve the overall grade. You can get a reading grade between 5 to 7 but in case of technical writing the grade could even be higher. 

The different colours are used to highlight the different kinds of error in a writing by the hemingway editor. 

Light blue highlights represent weak words which could be made stronger.

Green highlights is an indication to change passive voice into active voice. 

When the hemingway editor highlights something in purple it indicates that your writing is a bit complex and it would be easier to read if you slightly altered it.

Yellow highlights usually indicate very complex sentences in the writing or common writing errors.

Red highlights means that the text is very difficult to read and it should be altered.

It is one of the popular free content optimization tools, the editing tips by this tool is absolutely free, if you want you can purchase the desktop version of hemingway editor but anyone can use the website version which is completely free.

6) Grammarly is a very important part of content team

 Grammarly is a very important SEO tool which is an essential part of every content team. It helps to identify grammatical and  spelling errors in an article. 

After someone writes a blog or article,he may have overlooked stray commas and misspelled words during the proofreading process. A reader will lose his interest for reading an article if the article has too many grammatical errors.

Grammarly is a very advanced grammar and spelling checker which integrates easily with whatever you write online.

Writing in any text editor field like wordpress, facebook, twitter and email activates this tool by underlying grammatical errors in real time.This tool will also provide you vocabulary enhancement, which will suggest synonyms for words that appear several times throughout the article.

Grammarly also checks correct misspellings. It helps you detect errors between commonly confused words like their and they’re. Grammarly also corrects incorrect modifier usage,incorrect article usage, passive voice usage and many other grammatical errors.

Writers and bloggers also strive for overall a perfect blog or article and this tool makes writing much easier by helping them to correct mostly accurate and important corrections that one might have overlooked.

7)Yoast Seo helps you to meet the highest technical Seo Standards

Yoast SEO helps your site to meet the highest technical SEO standards. It provides you the tools to bring your content to the highest standards of SEO and overall readability. 

Yoast SEO plugin is mainly focused on On site and On Page Seo. You must remember that you will have to create good content for the right keyword and the plugin will help you with the ranking of your content.

After you completed keyword research, you can start optimizing pages and posts on your site for the keywords you want to rank for.

If you set a focus keyphrase for an article in Yoast Seo,the plug in with the help of  content Seo analysis can determine how your content will score on different ranking factors like how many times you can use your keyphrase, length of your text etc. 

On the basis of this analysis the plugin can tell you how you can optimize your page to rank with that keyphrase.

Yoast Seo’s readability feature will provide you well researched analysis to optimize your writing.

The yoast Seo’s plugin with the help of an algorithm can check your content on different factors which are proven to increase the readability.

They help in the usage of transition words, passive voice,paragraph lengths and much more.

8) Short Pixel can increase your website’s Seo Ranking

Short pixel or image optim can increase your website’s Seo ranking by optimising any image or pdf document on your website.

It is a very user friendly image optimization plugin which helps to compress images and pdf documents with a single click. 

It is absolutely compatible with any gallery or slider.Short Pixel works very well with cloud,Vps or dedicated web hosting.

Lossy and lossless image compression are available for the image types JPG,PNG,GIF WebP.It also offer glossy JPEG compression,a high quality lossy optimization algorithm specially designed for photographers. 

Optimized images will provide better user experience in case of a website. Short pixel will reduce the image size without degrading the quality.

It takes a lot of time to write a blog or an article and it involves thorough research, after that if the post doesn’t get the traffic as expected,then it is a major letdown. 

Marketers aim to write content which will rank high on google and SEO is the bridge that helps in the process.SEO content writing is the process for writing content to rank in a top position of search engines like Google. 

You can write a good Post for Seo after doing a lot of research on keywords and writing style that matches user intent. This will help your page to grow immensely. Seo and Content Writing are directly proportional to each other. Seo is strategized around Content marketing,as every website needs words,keywords,substance etc. In order to develop a successful site both must go hand in hand.

The above mentioned content optimization softwares are some of the best content optimization softwares available in the market.But apart from those there are also some other content optimization tools which can also be really helpful.

Google search console  is a free tool by Google which optimizes the existing content on your site. This tool is really helpful to content creators as it helps you to understand how algorithms work and how to create the best quality content the Google grading system of web content. It is the best tool for analyzing the SERP performance of the site and each piece of content. 

Ahrefs is a Seo tool which provides unmatched keywords research, backlink analysis and competitor research capabilities. It helps you to understand the target audience and to develop high quality content based on several data points.

9) Keyword Tool Dominator

Keyword tool dominator is a very popular tool used for content optimization as recommended by expert digital marketing consultant. They provide a list of keywords related to each other to use in your marketing strategy. 

This tool allows you to search for keywords on platforms like Etsy, Amazon and ebay. It helps you to optimize product pages,review pages and other types of content which rely on transactional keywords. 

They provide content creators the information they need to power their content in order to outrank their competitors.

FAQ Schema Tools is a very well known content optimization tool. When you add a FAQ section at the end of each blog post, it helps to make your content more relevant to others.But this tool helps you to add FAQ Schema to your blog post to provide google much more information about your content and also improve visibility in SERPs, increase clicks and boost impressions.

Google Docs is also a very important tool which is very useful for content creators. Content writers need to manage many projects at a time. Google docs help them to keep a list of topics that they will write and provide many features like word processor, spreadsheets and forms and helps a writer to keep his projects on track and to communicate well with his team.

Data Studio is a very useful tool which helps one to merge data from different sources like search console, Google Analytics and allows you to visualize and share it.

Finally we can say that,

There are hundreds of SEO softwares available, but you mainly need to focus on the best search engine optimization softwares for optimizing your content and to rank your website higher in search engine results. 

It is very important to create optimized content for getting organic search visibility, rankings and traffic. Content and Seo by forming a bond can easily catapult any website at the top of search engine rankings. 

On one hand content optimization involves writing audience centric content and also maintaining properly the technical equation which involves keywords research,meta titles, meta description and URls.

Many more new content optimization tools have come up recently like Page Optimizer Pro, Text Optimizer and the list of SEO tools for content optimization will keep on updating with time and in future we will also keep on updating you people about the usage of those in upcoming contents. 

If you found this piece of article useful, you can easily share it with people you know in the content marketing and digital marketing space.