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Google Career Certificate: What You Should Know?

Looking for a new position in one of the quickest expanding technological fields? Google Professional Certificate can help you get started. Google’s virtual learning program includes classes in various fields. Including, customer experience design, projects management, and data analysis. The programs also include an Android programming certification course. Those are supplementary to the Google help program that has been available since 2018. 

They have a reasonable price. Apart from this, you do not need a diploma or prior knowledge to enroll. Getting any one of the credentials grants you wide accessibility. It allows you to interview advice and contacts to over 140 Google-partnered firms. Digital marketing consultant Kolkata suggests this course. 

Digital teaching is possible in the case of these courses. These courses are in great demand, they pay fair enough too. They are an excellent way to test your expertise. Google workers create and teach courses in collaboration with organizations. The design of the courses helps to fulfill technological vacancies. According to Google, there are over one million unfilled employments in these disciplines. They have a typical wage of $69,000.

Why Should You Get the Google Career Certification, and Who Is This For?

Certificate programs are an alternative for anyone looking for a career in technology. These courses also have the ability to better the employee’s position. Google created these programs with a broad audience in mind. According to the report, 59 percent of people who enroll in IT support programs do not hold a degree. In comparison, Coursera has 27 percent of the population. The IT support program is available in this.

There are advantages for individuals with a four-year degree. Google’s product is complimentary for them. This is the same for those with a college degree. Some researchers feel that learning and educational skills are important. Which to an extent are important components for long-term job advancement. As organizations expand, the old diploma might not serve to be enough.

Google Career Certification Courses Overview

These Google Career Certification courses take three to six months to complete. But users control these courses in their own rhythm. As a result, the time taken to complete these courses vary from individual to individual. Coursera offers credentials in IT help, IT optimization, and UX designing. It also has offers on data analysis, and plus project management. These all are for $39 per month. The six-month program costs $234. There are scholarships available. The Advanced Android Developer Certificate course is free of charge. The certification test, costs $149 every try. Google personnel take the classes. Google also has courses for google ad certification jobs.

Google’s approach employs “gamified studying.” They do this by incorporating an interactive component. This is to protect the substance. Gamified studying is a far superior online learning approach. It is much more advanced than a Zoom classroom lecture.

Certificate in Google Project Management Professional

Google Project Management Certificate is for individuals with plans. This is for ones who wish to plan, coordinate, and oversee projects.

If you are looking to work as a project manager the go-ahead with this program. You can also opt for this if you want to be a program manager, supervisor, and project investigator. Calculating time and money, and managing clients, need skills. Also, recognizing and handling risks are skill-specific.

A professional certificate is not essential for project supervisors. Although it shows your expertise in the industry. Those who finish the certificate become eligible for credit. This is a lower-cost version of the professional Program Management course.

Professional Certificate in Google Data Analytics

Google’s Data Analysis certificate offers instructions. This course is only for people who wish to handle and check data. This type of education aids in commercial choices. This focuses on the abilities needed for those entry-level positions. Associate data expert, junior data researcher, and data technician are the main jobs. Apart from this, you can also work as a marketing consultant after doing the course.

The course topic covers data problem solving and data narrative with graphics. Attendees utilized Spreadsheets, SQL, plus Tableau.

Google UX Development Professional Diploma

Google UX Designing Professional Certificate makes you work as a customer experience creator. It also makes you capable of working as a user interface developer, or a visual designer. Character traits, user stories, and customer journey maps are examples of such skills. Google UX design apprenticeship opportunity pays you too. Conducting usability research, designing prototypes, testing, and iterating on ideas are expertise too. Hands-on tasks, peer critiques, and discussion boards are all part of the program. Google UX design certificate cost is reasonable.

Google IT Help Professional Diploma

This Google IT Support Certificate is for people who like fixing issues. This ability contributes to the seamless operation of computers and connections. It can assist you to get a career as a database admin, or a systems researcher. You can also work as technical support for IT. This beginning-level IT certification is for people with no prior IT expertise.

Troubleshooting, system management, and security are among the topics covered. Spanish, as well as Portuguese versions of the program, are also available.

Professional Certificate in Google IT Automation using Python

A computer support certificate is an excellent course. Google IT Management Using Python Professional Credential is an upper grade of that. People who are already acquainted with fundamental IT topics should choose this course. The basics of the course are Python coding and IT automation.

Spanish, as well as Portuguese versions of the program, are also available. To install Python on your system if you do this course. Some courses will need you to have a computer with Git installed.


There is a very important question that popped up in my mind. That is, are Google certifications worth it? You cannot compare these certifications from Google with B-School Certificates. Yet, these Google Certificates may be well worth all the effort. If you want to upskill with limited investment, go for these courses.