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Want to Like an Instagram Story? Here’s how you do it!

Liking Instagram posts is such a thing of the past. Every social media agency Kolkata is aware that Instagram is out with a brand new feature. The feature is creating a hell of a buzz among Instagrammers around the world.

One can now even “Like” Instagram stories and this has single-handedly made things so much easier for Instagrammers who regularly upload stories. Previously, users who wanted to appreciate someone’s story could only do so by sharing it or by commenting in their DM inbox or sending an emoji.

Instagram made this move as the previous system would clutter up an uploader’s inbox. The social media network has adapted to the changing trends to become more user-friendly and stay relevant. 

Steps to like an Instagram Story

It is only natural that one needs to figure out how to use something new. The instagram liked feature is no exception. So, anybody who is wondering how to use and get the most out of the “Like” feature must read the steps mentioned below.

Step 1

Log into your Instagram account and visit the Instagrammer’s story that you intend to like. 

Step 2

Look around on your screen and you will find a small heart icon. It is next to the paper airplane icon located at the bottom of the menu bar. You can locate it while viewing an Instagram story when the Story “Like” feature is enabled for your account.

Step 3

Tap upon the heart icon and it will instantly turn red. This means that you have liked the Instagram story. 

How to see the people who liked the Instagram story?

In case you are wondering about how to see likes on instagram, only an account holder can see who likes his/her stories. As a result, you can take a look at the viewer’s sheet if you wish to see the people who have liked your story. Below mentioned are the steps to be followed.

Step 1

You will need to download and install the most recent version of the Instagram application.

Step 2

Click on the story icon that lies in the upper left corner.

Step 3

You will get to see another user’s profile icon in the corner. This is a sign that your story is now being viewed.

Step 4

You need to tap on the icon to see all the people who have viewed your story. In case, the icon at the lower-left corner is missing, it means that your story is yet to be viewed by anyone.

Step 5

You can also swipe up from the bottom to cross-check. You will get to see a whole list of names of people who have viewed your story.

Step 6

Anyone who has viewed and liked your story will have a heart appear right beside their name.

So, that’s about it. Now you know how to smash the instagram liked icon and also check who has liked your story.

Can other people see if I like their story?

Yes, other Instagrammers can indeed see if you have liked their story. However, it is only the account holder who can see it. So, if you have liked another Instagrammer’s story, then only he will be able to see the red heart icon beside your name on his video. As a result, story likes are secret and cannot be viewed by others.

How is the new “Like” feature useful?

The “Like” feature definitely serves its purpose. It is a great gauging tool for those Instagrammers who want to conduct polls. The polls help in determining which photo to share. Also, the “Like” feature is beneficial for those who wish to only share a single photo of their story rather than sharing it in their feed.

Is there a problem using the “Like” feature?

Many people have expressed that they cannot access the “Like” option just yet. While it is a fact that the function is not available to many Instagrammers in their account or region, it will be available sooner or later.

Technical issues occur whenever new features are introduced on social media platforms. However, they do get resolved over a period. So, people who are unable to access the “Like” option for weeks or months must try upgrading the Instagram application to the most recent version.

People who do have the most recent version must try logging out and reentering their Instagram profile. If even this does not fix the problem, then you can seek support from the Instagram help center.

As of late, Instagram has been updating various features on its platform to make it much more user-friendly, and to provide an enjoyable user experience.

So, try the measures mentioned above if you do not already have access to the “Like” function. Also, inform your friends about the new feature if you haven’t already done so.