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Top 7 Free Keyword Research Tools For Content Marketing

For attracting organic traffic to your website, choosing the right keywords for your content is the first and foremost step. Keywords are words and phrases which searchers enter into search engines.

Those who have a good marketing budget can deploy Seo consultants to do keyword research. They make use of keyword research tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs and Majestic to do keyword research.

Those who have a smaller budget, can make use of a site named Upwork, where a freelance Seo specialist can help them with the keyword research process.

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Step1: Search Queries

First and foremost, while doing your research on keywords, it is also very important to think about search intent behind every query.

A navigational keyword is used by searchers in search engines like Google for navigating to a webpage. For example ‘X’ enter “youtube” into Google’s Search Bar to find the youtube site.

An informational keyword is used by searchers for finding a piece of information. For example if you are planning to buy a leather jacket you may search by typing ‘men’s leather jacket’. 

Transactional or Commercial keyword highlights the fact that the searcher wants to buy something. Example ‘buy’ ‘purchase’ ‘discount’ ‘for sale’ etc.

Search intent enables you to make your content in an appropriate manner meeting user’s requirements.

Step 2: Buyer’s Journey

The second most important thing is to plan about your buyer’s journey. One should think seriously about the typical journey which a customer usually takes from hearing about your product to making their first purchase.    

People will go through Awareness, Consideration and Decision before buying any product from your Website. This is known as Buyer’s Journey in the marketing language. It is basically a framework which acknowledges a buyer’s progression through a research process, decision making which ultimately culminates in a purchase.

Buyer’s Journey varies from one industry to the next. There is a difference between the process of B2B buyer arriving at a purchase and B2C buyer arriving at a purchase.

We can divide the buyer’s journey into 4 categories:

  • The buyer develops interest for buying a product.
  • The buyer begins to gather more and more information about the product.
  • The buyer started to explore options for addressing the product.
  • The buyer is now prepared to make a purchase decision.

Step 3: Competitor Analysis

You should definitely analyse the level of competition One should pay complete attention to the competition of his target keyword phrase. In a simple way you can analyse the competition for a given keyword by putting that keyword into search engines like Google.

You should definitely look for ads and Google always displays paid for Ads over other results. Google ads are very beneficial for the marketing of a good piece of content.

One should also take a look at the websites which are organically appearing on the first page of search engines like Google for one’s target keyword.

Lastly you should create content in such a way which an average searcher will find more helpful than the content which is  at the top. 

Keyword Research Tool

Keyword Research is a basic SEO task which involves identifying popular words which people usually enter into search engines.When you are aware of what people search for, then you can focus your content around those topics.Keyword research will give you a better understanding about the demands of certain keywords and how difficult it would be to compete for those keywords in the organic search results,thus offering you a direction to optimization efforts.

Keyword research will affect other SEO terms that you will perform like Content topics,On page SEO,email outreach and Content Promotion.

It will give you a better understanding of your target audience and will help to grow your site’s traffic within a limited period of time.

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Now let us talk about one of the most important free keyword research tools

Google Keyword planner is a free keyword tool which is very beneficial and it can provide you search volume and competition feedback for various keywords.

In order  to get its access directly without creating google ad campaigns you need to jump through a few loops such as clicking “switch to expert”.It is a keyword explorer  which will provide you new keyword ideas related to your business, and will also help you to know about the estimate of the searches that they receive and also the cost need to target them.

So we can say that, when you will begin researching possible keywords for your content, keyword planner will give you suggestions for the related keywords and this will help you very much if you are a fresher and don’t know much about finding keywords for your pages.

Keyword planner will also provide you the estimated monthly searches for keywords. It helps you to know how frequently keywords are searched in your industry which is extremely essential for your campaign.

It also helps you to know about the costs of keywords which you are wishing to target. Keyword planner will provide you information about the average cost of the ad which will show on searches for a keyword, it will help you to easily select keywords which will suit your strategy and budget.

Google keyword planner also helps you to create new campaigns based on detailed keyword research. Creating a campaign will help you to select a daily budget based on your needs.

Keywords are one of the important Seo ranking factors

Keywords are a very important Seo ranking factor and knowing how to use them is very essential for  higher Google ranking. If you find the right keyword for your content, it will help Google to understand your content more easily and to respond at the right time to a search.Before writing a content one needs to do thorough research on keywords as it is extremely vital for content optimization. 

As per Seo strategy we will have a small discussion on the different types of keywords:

It is advisable to avoid super competitive keywords  for writing any content as it will be difficult to rank that content in search engines like Google.Those keywords take much time and effort to achieve good ranking in search engines.

While writing content one can go for moderate difficulty keywords,which have high search volumes but not so much competition and can achieve ranking in Google within a short span of time.

After knowing the basics of writing Seo friendly content, you can take your knowledge to the next level by learning the process to include LSI Keywords which are semantically related words, in your content and it will help to market the content in a much better way.

In order to serve more exact search results, Google is now trying to understand language on a higher level.Now when Google looks for web pages to rank they attempt to understand the deeper meaning of a search based on each and every word used in the query and that is why modern search engines look for “semantic search”.

  • LSI (latent semantic indexing) Keywords are words are words and phrases which are similar to the target keyword of a webpage.They basically help search engines to understand the content of the page more clearly by adding more context and connecting copy to the target keyword. As per Seo Strategy, If you include LSI Keywords in your content, it will improve On page Seo.
  • Long tail keywords are longer but more specific phrases, which people mostly use when they are buying something or when they are using voice search.They are important for businesses to rank their content in organic Google searches but they are very much essential for advertisers who are running paid search marketing campaigns.

Some More Keyword Research Tool

  • Google Trends: This tool will help you to know about the relative search popularity of a particular keyword over a span of time. It is used for comparative keyword research and to know about event generated spikes in keyword search volume.

For example if we take the term costume we can see that its popularity increases every year in the month of october,this is because of festivals and celebrations.

It provides us keyword related data like search volume index and geographical information about search engine users.

You can use Google trends by visiting the tool and knowing what searches are trending, and then you can choose a topic for more information.

It is very helpful for Seo and Content Marketing as writing about trending topics will help to drive more traffic to your site.

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  • Keyword Generator : Keyword generator is a very helpful tool as it can help you to find about 150 keyword ideas for any basic keyword. It also provides their estimated search volumes. This tool helps users to get keyword suggestions for search marketing campaigns.The search marketing campaigns will sabotage your results and that is why keyword generator is one of the very important keyword research tools for Seo.
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  • Keyword sheeter: It is one of the very well known free keyword research tools.This tool will help you to get hundreds of autocomplete suggestions from Google. This tool will generate you a sheet of 1000 keyword Ideas per minute for free in one click.
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Note: The keyword generator have both positive and negative filters and which can be really helpful. The positive filter will show you informational keywords which can be really helpful for your good blog post. And the negative filter helps to eliminate anything which is irrelevant.

  • Answer the Public : This tool will help you to visualize search questions and suggest autocomplete searches in an image called a search cloud.Now we will see how we can use Answer the public tool works.

Suppose you are a Saas Company and are looking forward to helping B2B customers with a sales tool, then it is quite obvious for you to start your keyword research around the term B2B Sales.This will provide you a sense about which questions B2B Salespeople have and the challenges they face while closing deals.

If you include some promising questions like ‘how to increase B2B Sales?’ ,’How to generate B2B Sales leads ?’ in your content,it can help you to gain more traffic for your site.

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  • Keyword Surfer: This tool provides you the estimated global and monthly search volumes for any kind of query which you enter into Google.Keyword surfer will provide you comprehensive keyword research and data driven content guidelines very easily.
  • This tool will provide you with a Content editor directly in Google Search and it is absolutely free for use and it will definitely help you in your on site optimization process.
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  • Keyworddit:  This is an unique keyword tool which helps you to get keyword ideas from Reddit. This can help you to get upto 500 keywords.If you want to improve your Seo game, then keyworddit can be really helpful for you.

This tool is often used by many Digital marketing agencies and it helps them to find topics which people are searching for by extracting long tail keywords and seed keywords from subreddit.

This tool will provide you with an auto generated subreddit list and will ensure you pick the right one. This will also provide you keyword volumes from Grepwords. After generating your list of keywords it will provide you a context link next to the search volume. By clicking on it you will get a Google search result page featuring the keyword.

This tool will also provide you an export tool with the help of which you can easily download the list of keywords to your computer. Despite the fact that this tool has been designed by Higher Visibility,a company who provide paid Digital Marketing Consultancy services, Keyworddit is absolutely free to use.

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  • Google Search Console: It is a  tool for analyzing the SERP performance of the site and each piece of content. It is a free tool by Google which optimizes the existing content on your site. This tool is really helpful to content creators as it helps you to understand how algorithms work and how to create the best quality content the Google grading system of web content. 
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Without placing the right keyword on your site,it will be really difficult for people to find you while searching on the web.The sole purpose of keyword research is to develop a deeper insight into your audience and their search online. Choosing the right keyword for your site will raise your ranking status in search engines like Google. 

Keyword research will provide you valuable information which you will need for creating better SEO strategies, PR campaigns, Content idealization — video, text, social, etc,Audience research,Paid advertising,Local search campaigns,Competitive research,Keywords and phrases to ignore and brainstorming sessions.