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Tubebuddy: How to do Video SEO & A/B Testing

Video Marketing is a marketing technique in which audiovisual material is used to promote a brand, service, or product.

9 out of 10 Internet users consume videos of the brands they follow on social networks.

What is Video Marketing?

As its name suggests,  video marketing is an online marketing tool that is based on the use of audiovisual images, mainly through the Internet, to achieve different Video marketing benefits through the strategy.

In short, and in a simple way, it is about adding videos to your content marketing.

Another concept to take into account is that of social video: a type of video specially designed to be disseminated through social networks.

It seeks to create shareable pieces (although they do not necessarily have to become something viral) and optimized for the particular ones of each social network.

Creating quality video content is an investment in time and effort, but doing it is worth it. Of course, if you have a well-defined objective for the videos within your marketing strategy.

YouTube video marketing

It is the main platform for video consumption on the Internet, the highest-rated social network, and the second most used after Facebook (by 66% of Internet users according to IAB). The growth of YouTube is unstoppable, and in addition to being able to develop our own channel with interesting content, we can manage advertisements for our business to appear with a short spot in the videos of others, through YouTube Ads.

And it is that today, the data clearly shows audiovisual content has  a positive impact on sales and ROI:

  • Tweets with video get 3 times more responses and retweets than those that don’t.
  • 90% of users say that product videos are useful when making purchasing decisions.
  • 64% of users who watch a Youtube video marketing tend to purchase one of the associated products.

Advantages of Video Marketing

Video Marketing is a marketing technique in which audiovisual material is used to promote a brand, service, or product.


Video allows you to convey a message in an original way. The content that works on storytelling work especially, humor already appeals to the emotions of the users, both positive and negative.


A message transmitted through audiovisual content is clearer since several resources are used to transmit it: image, music, voice-over, and text.

Memorability: Since the message is transmitted using several resources, it reaches the user through several senses at the same time, sight and hearing, and it has been proven that this favors its memorability. Users remember a brand much more if they have seen a video of it.

Consumption: The consumption of videos is very easy and comfortable, which is why users tend to associate it with leisure and be more receptive. It is easier to capture the attention of users with audiovisual content than with text content.

Virality: Videos are more likely to be shared and, as we have seen, by promoting engagement they can become viral content more easily.

Purchase: Working on brand video marketing increases conversion. Videos have been proven to help in the purchase decision as they allow a better understanding of the appearance and operation of the product or service.

SEO: Videos hosted on platforms like YouTube rank relatively easily on the first pages of Google results. But in addition, a page that contains a video can also obtain SEO benefits since, on the one hand, it increases the time of permanence in it thanks to the reproduction of the video, and on the other, if it is shared, links will be obtained for the web.

Referral traffic: Content hosted on video platforms is a source of traffic for the company’s website.

What is Video SEO

tubebuddy video seo
Image credit: Devil Boy Performance

Analyzing and organizing strategies to improve SEO on YouTube is practically an obligation since the video format has definitely become the preferred one for users.

And in the very near future, it will be even more so: according to HubSpot “82% of global internet traffic will be video in 2021”. In addition, he adds that “70% of YouTube viewers watch videos asking for” help with a problem “that they have in their leisure, study or work time”. This means a huge number of opportunities for your business that you must take advantage of. Keep it in mind!

Over 1.9 billion users log into the world’s most popular video platform every month. But it does not finish here:

·         More than 90% of social media users watch videos on YouTube.

·         It is available in more than 80 languages.

·         Users spend an average of more than 8 and a half minutes on YouTube.

·         70% of video views on YouTube are from mobile phones.

·         Millennials, specifically 70% of them, used YouTube last year to learn something new.

After knowing these figures, you will agree that keeping a YouTube channel active and creating a strategy that improves positioning can be key to the success of a business, right?

To do this, below I give you 10 tips for analyzing the news that SEO has brought to YouTube in 2019. Do not miss them!

Features of Tube Buddy ( Video SEO )

Once you install TubeBuddy on Chrome (or your browser) and allow it to collect your channel data, you will be able to access its main features for video SEO, promotion, etc. TubeBuddy has over 65 features that can help you boost your videos in the YouTube algorithm. I won’t go into them all for you, the article would be way too long! 

Here is a selection of them. In this first part, I focus on the SEO features grouped under the name VIDEO SEO TOOLS. 


The “keyword explorer” is in my opinion the most important and indispensable tool if you want to really grow your channel. It is a very handy tool to start planning videos for your YouTube channel.

tubebuddy keyword explorer

YouTube is the second largest search engine (behind Google) that people rely on for music, information, and solutions to their problems. If you can find the keywords that are worth targeting for your channel (based on its size and authority), you can rank best in YouTube search and generate more views from your videos.

By adding a keyword in Keyword Explorer, you get an overall score specific to your channel, an overall score based on search volume as well as competition for the keyword. Here is the analysis of the keyword “San Diego surfing”.


Another great video SEO feature on TubeBuddy is Suggested Tags which suggests tags for you to use. You’ll find this feature in your YouTube channel’s video editing screen when you set it up for posting. Depending on the tags you choose, this tool will offer you associated tags. I still advise you to use only the most relevant in your video. Look at the example for the “TubeBuddy to” Tag.

To go further, you can sort the tags it offers you by relevance, keyword score, or search traffic.

tubebuddy tag list


Although you cannot test the actual content of your video, TubeBuddy allows you to test its “packaging” i.e. your thumbnail, title, tags, and meta description. Yes, all of these factors are important, so when posting a YouTube video work well on all of them! An A / B testing (or A / B testing) is a marketing technique that consists of offering several variants of the same object that differ according to a single criterion. 

A / B testing can be helpful in driving more clicks, more views, and moving up search rankings. If you don’t know which videos warrant such a test, the software can look for those with low click-through rates. Its metadata test allows you to simultaneously test several aspects (thumbnail, title, tags, and description). This feature is only available in its most expensive version (the Legend plan ). 


When watching a video on YouTube, TubeBuddy displays its Videolytics panel on the right side with a bunch of useful stats. It gives a general summary of the video’s performance, tags used, SEO, social stats, and channel.

If the channel is public, the Videolytics panel also displays viewing time, engagement, and other related stats. At the top of the panel, you can compare a video with the channel’s most popular video or any other specific video on YouTube.

tubebuddy videolytics
Image Credit:

This can come in handy if you want to compare your videos with those of your competition. 


You want people all over the world to find and read the title and description of the video in their own language. You want your video to appear as a related video on other videos around the world. The Auto Translator automatic translator (available only for the “Legend” plan) can be useful to you. It is available from the Subtitles panel when you are editing a video.

tubebuddy tag translator

To use the tag translator, click the “Translate” button in the tag tools available when you are on the edit video screen. TubeBuddy displays the top languages spoken by your audience and once you choose the language you want to translate into, it generates tags in it.


Here are some of the processing tools grouped under the name BULK PROCESSING TOOLS.

Video Credit: Tubebuddy

Copying, adding, removing, or updating records and end screens on your channel can be a huge waste of time, especially if your channel is large. TubeBuddy offers a set of mass processing tools accessible from your channel’s videos page.

With Bulk Copy Cards and Bulk Copy End Screen, copy a card and an end screen and automatically add them to all your videos. With Bulk Delete Cards and Bulk Delete End Screen, delete them automatically whenever you want. 

tubebuddy bulk copy

With Bulk Find / Replace / Append, you can also quickly replace your social media profiles or a website URL, or insert a new URL into the metadata of a selection of videos in your channel.


It is even possible to add (and possibly remove later) a graphic overlay to all or part of your video thumbnails thanks to Bulk Thumbnail Overlays. If you want to add a separate image overlay to all thumbnails in a certain playlist, TubeBuddy allows that as well. 


For every YouTube video you post, it is recommended that you:

• add files (possible under certain conditions and only from 1000 subscribers);

• define end screens;

• respond to comments;

In Productivity Tools, TubeBuddy offers a range of productivity tools to take care of these tedious tasks.


With Upload Checklist appearing on the right side when uploading a video, an automated best practice test is performed to make sure you’re following YouTube guidelines.


To save time, you can choose to add the same end screen to all your new videos uploaded using End Screen Templates. To do this, set a video as the end screen template (you can then apply this template after any new video has been uploaded and processed).

For my part, I create my end screens with the Canva app.

tubebuddy comment

If you are lucky enough to receive a large number of comments, TubeBuddy makes it easy to moderate them with its Comment Filters feature. You will be able to quickly and easily find questions, profanity, positive feelings, negative feelings, or certain words in the comments of your videos. It is also possible to identify your supporters on Patreon or your recent followers.

To quickly respond to comments, a TubeBuddy feature called Canned Responses offers to create a set of pre-written messages.


If you don’t want to publish your videos right away, it is possible to “pause” your videos – that is, set their privacy to unlisted until a certain day and time with Scheduled Publish. This way, you can give your patrons early access to a video before making it public.

With TubeBuddy, schedule a modification of the title, tags, description, or thumbnail of a video or even automatically remove a video from playlists at a given time.


Browsing YouTube can get tedious and require multiple clicks.

With TubeBuddy’s Quick links panel, it is much easier to consult your analysis reports for example.

Likewise, the vertical Quick edit toolbar appears on the right side of your video editing page. It displays the thumbnails of your videos in the playlist and lets you move quickly to edit them.

tubebuddy thumbnail generator

Thumbnail Generator allows you to choose a still image from your video to create your thumbnail. You can also choose a solid color as the background or download an existing image to your computer. Once you’ve chosen an image, you can overlay it with emojis, text, different shapes, logos, and other images.

Personally, I use the Canva app instead to design the thumbnails of my videos.

Check out more features of Tubebuddy here


Posting your video, promoting it on social media, your website, and adding it to your mailing list can improve its visibility. So let’s see some features in Promotion Tools.


With the Best Time to Publish option, quickly identify when your audience is most active. This will show you when is the best time to broadcast your video or even to do live streams. 


TubeBuddy offers Promotion Materials to promote your channel: direct links to your latest videos and embed code, as well as links to your channel, thumbnail, and channel artwork. You can access it by logging into your TubeBuddy account.


With Share Tracker, share your video on several social networks and follow those on which you have shared. With Publish to Facebook, publish your YouTube videos natively to Facebook in just a few clicks. With Share on Twitter, share your video and automatically attach your thumbnail to Twitter. 


The Vid2Vid promotion function allows you to promote one of your videos in the descriptions of all your other videos. This will allow you to get more views of your last upload from older videos.

Video Credit: Fuzion Blazer


Here are some other handy data and research tools grouped under Data & Research.


Do you want to keep a copy of your video metadata (its description, title, tags, etc.) in CSV format? It’s very easy with the Channel Backup feature. Just log into your account and head to channel backup. You can back up your entire channel or just the videos since your last backup.


In the Competitor Scorecard, you can compare yourself to the competition in terms of views, followers, and engagement. Get a printable report showing your data against your competition and export it in CSV format.


For that last part, let’s see the mobile app and the benefits for TubeBuddy subscribers.


TubeBuddy exists in a mobile version, but its functionality is much reduced! If you are on the go, you can still use it to optimize your videos: manage your tags, plan your video topics, create and send standardized replies to your channel’s subscribers, and get an overview of its performance.

The features on the mobile version are:

• Live Subscriber Count;

• Tag Explorer;

• How Filtering;

• Canned Responses;

• Channel Milestones;

• Tag Rankings;

• Suggested Tags;

• Comment Subscriber Counts;

• Video Topic Planner;

• Tag List Management.


You can find a list of your benefits in Member Perks. They are only available to those who have subscribed to the paid plans. Among these advantages, find free of charge 250,000 music tracks and sounds free of premium rights to create your videos with AudioHero or a free month and 10% reduction on the Filmora editing software.

YouTube explains its discovery and searches ranking algorithm in two sentences.

Videos are ranked based on a variety of factors including how well the title, description, and video content match the viewer’s query. Beyond that, we look at which videos have driven the most engagement for a query, and make sure it’s easy for viewers to find those.

So yes, keywords matter from both on-page and “in-video” perspectives. Matching search intent is critical.

But the key ingredient to effective video SEO is high engagement.

They want you to keep viewers on their platform for as long as possible (even if it’s not on your own videos).

That’s because more video views = more ads shown = more money in the bank for Alphabet Inc.

Most importantly, they want you to drive engagement to your videos and they’ll reward you with visibility.

Most engagement metrics can be measured in YouTube analytics as likes/dislikes, comments, CTR, audience retention, average watch time, end screen clicks, card clicks, and the list goes on.

Bottom line?

If you can’t engage your audience, your chances of ranking your YouTube videos for a meaningful keyword are slim to none.

Enough chitter-chatter.

How to Do Youtube Keyword Research

YouTube keyword research

If you’re not targeting keywords with search volume, then you’re not going to get search traffic.

We had some first-hand experience of this from March — to June. We launched a series of product-related videos for our Marketing with Ahrefs series, which are used to educate our users rather than drive search traffic.

YouTube suggests paired with Google Trends

YouTube suggests is similar to Google Suggest. Just type a seed keyword into the search bar, and you’ll see a list of relevant queries that contain your keywords.

You can also use an asterisk before or after your target keyword, which will act as a “wildcard.”

But Google Trends uses “relative popularity” to compare keywords. So take these estimates with a grain of salt.

Use Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer

tubebuddy keywords explorer

Recently, we released our latest version of Keywords Explorer, which includes search volumes and metrics for search engines like Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, Baidu, and more.

This is where we get our data for our top YouTube search terms post.

Just enter a keyword or list of keywords and see country-specific search volumes, clicks data, global search volumes, and access five keyword idea reports.

Also read: How to do keywords gap

Bulk keyword analysis

Keywords Explorer is most useful when searching for a bulk list of keyword ideas. You can use either vidIQ’s or TubeBuddy’s chrome extension.

Just search a query in YouTube, and look to the right sidebar where you’ll see VidIQ’s “Related Queries” or TubeBuddy’s “Most Used Tags” sections.

How to do Youtube SEO with Tubebuddy

You can install the TubeBuddy browser extension on the right side of Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. As soon as you have it installed you will see a small TubeBuddy section right on the YouTube channel.

·         Find classifiable video tags from your competitor’s videos.

·         Get detailed information about your competitor’s YouTube channel.

·         You can export the list of subscribers with their social profiles

·         Allows you to track the ranking of your videos.

·         Has detailed analysis feature for all videos.

·         Helps you find the best time to download your videos.

·         Allows you to compare the analyzes of your channel with your competitors.

·         Also allows you to create thumbnails for videos directly on YouTube.

·         Allows you to save titles, tags, and descriptions in your preferred formats like excel or doc file.

We will see how to install the TubeBuddy Chrome extension in this part. They also have a Firefox extension. Both browsers should follow a similar procedure.

To get started, you will need to visit the official TubeBuddy website first and then create an account on TubeBuddy.

Next step, you have to click on the “FREE INSTALL ON CHROME”.

Once you click on the button, you will be taken to the TubeBuddy Google Chrome extension site.

On this page, click “ADD TO CHROME”.

After successfully adding the extension to your browser, you will see a new TubeBuddy icon in the browser toolbar in the upper right corner.

Now you just need to go to YouTube. If your YouTube channel is not correctly associated, a warning stating “TubeBuddy does not have a valid access token for your channel. Please re-associate your channel to resolve the issue!

If you click re-link your channel, TubeBuddy will walk you through the process of linking your accounts.

When you go to YouTube and link your channel, you should notice a new TubeBuddy dropdown.

This panel adds lots of options like Dashboard, My Videos, Playlists, Live Stream, Comments, Posts, Followers, and Analytics, as well as powerful new features to YouTube like the tag explorer, video topic planner, and the best time to post.

Video Credit: Tubebuddy

How to A/B Test Videos on Tubebuddy

Step 1 – Add your channel

Step 2 – Click the “A/B Tests” option

tubebuddy ab testing

Step 3 – Click the green ‘Create A/B Test’ button.

Step 4 – Choose the video that you want to run a split test on to optimize. You have two choices about how to choose your video.

Option A: Choose one of the most recent videos by clicking on the thumbnail.

Option B: Type in the title of the video to search through your older videos.

I’ve circled each option in red in the below picture so you can see clearly, the two ways to select your video.

Step 5 – Once you have selected the video, you now need to choose the test type…

The first option is to simply split test the thumbnails with the “Thumbnail CTR Test” option on the left.  Honestly, this is where I’m focusing most of my energy because the thumbnail is the biggest ‘attention grabber’ from the search results page.

The second option, on the right, is to perform a “Metadata Test” which is more like a multivariate test.

This second option allows you to test the thumbnail, title, description, and/or tags.  You can test just one thing, like the title or you can test everything by creating a second title, thumbnail, description, etc.

See the screenshot below shows both options:

Now, before you go testing EVERYTHING at the same time, remember this about split testing.

When you test two variables at the same time… For example, if you test the thumbnail AND the title at the same time… You will have no way of knowing WHICH item accounted for your increase or decrease in CTR.

The best approach to split testing is to test 1 variable at a time…  I recommend starting with the thumbnail first, then the title after a clear winner appears from the thumbnail test.

Third, I’d test the first 120 characters of the description, but honestly, I’d move on to the next video after getting the CTR above average with the thumbnail and title.

For this tutorial, I’m going to stick with the first option, to test the thumbnail, on the left.

Step 6 – Once you choose the test type, your next option is to choose the test duration (seen below)

The options are simple…

If you have a high traffic channel and your videos are receiving hundreds of views (or thousands) per day, choose the option on the right “Run Until Statistically Significant”

If your channel is growing and you don’t receive hundreds of views on each video per day, choose the number of days option and go with either 7 days or 14 days.

14 days will bring you better data, and it is best if you wait until you have at least 500 impressions on each.

Data can be messy with small sample sizes, so you want to get to statistical significance so you can rely on the data!

Step 7 – At this point, you are ready to add your new thumbnail:

Just click the ‘Browse’ button and choose the new thumbnail you wish to test against your control…

This loads your new thumbnail file and you simply need to click the “Start Test” button.

You will get a confirmation pop-up explaining how the testing works on YouTube, then you just click “Yes! Start The Test”

And that’s it!

You’ve now got your first YouTube SEO split test up and running.  You can run 10 at a time with this tool and I recommend you always be testing!

This is the #1 proven way to increase your click-through rates which will increase your traffic and rankings.

If there ever was a new and exciting YouTube SEO hack, this is it.

The reporting takes 4 days to show up… The tool will show one thumbnail for a full day, then it changes the other image for the next day, which means it takes 2 full days to accrue data.

Then, YouTube’s reporting is delayed by 48 hours which means you need another 2 days to see the data.

Once you have at least 500 impressions on each test, you can choose the one that has the highest click-through rate to conclude your test and go back to setting up the next split test!


Is TubeBuddy safe?

TubeBuddy is a safe and 100% certified YouTube extension, they started in 2014 and have helped many young and large YouTubers grow their channel. I had been using it for a long time without any bugs or complaints and will vouch for it as we had used it.

Is TubeBuddy worth it?

Yes! Indeed, Tubebuddy is worth it! I increased my subscriber base using TubeBuddy! Although I am not an active content creator, TubeBuddy helps you understand SEO better and helps you become a successful content creator. it is the complete and ultimate YouTube growth hack.

How do I use tubeBuddy for YouTube?

As we know, TubeBuddy is a browser extension and it is used on Youtube. It adds a layer of tools to YouTube that helps you use YouTube effectively and efficiently.

Is there a Tubebuddy discount coupon?

You can get up to 25% off TubeBuddy’s Annual Plan if you use our code “BID25TUBEBUDDY”. You can use this code on the redemption box to get your discount.

How can I get TubeBuddy for free?

They don’t offer any free trials, but TubeBuddy’s basic plan is free.

How do I cancel my TubeBuddy subscription?

Log into your TubeBuddy account Click the Manage button Click the Cancel License button Or if you purchase their premium license and are not satisfied with it, you can request a full refund within 30 days. You need to contact the support team with your account details.

Is TubeBuddy better than VidIQ?

Without a doubt, TubeBuddy is a powerful one-stop solution for YouTube management and marketing. And the best part is that this platform is YouTube certified, so you don’t have to worry much.

The best part about TubeBuddy is that it has over 1,000,000 amazing YouTubers who use and trust this platform because of its flexibility and features.

While if we are talking about VidIQ, it is much cheaper than TubeBuddy, it does not provide as much value as TubeBuddy.

According to the creators of YouTube, TubeBuddy wins the race because of its easy-to-use interface and the features they offer at such an affordable cost. And we highly recommend TubeBuddy to our visitors and have no doubts that this tool will never let you down.

Final Thoughts

Tubebuddy is a great tool and the most popular YouTube tool too. TubeBuddy is easy to use and very smooth, especially the Chrome Tubebuddy extension. the platform offers everything you need to develop and manage their presence and audience on youtube. you will become familiar with the tool and start seeing results in no time.

You can get started with TubeBuddy’s free plan and decide if it suits your needs before you unsubscribe from a paid plan.

We hope this article serves you well. We would like to hear from you. Just tell us what tool you use to grow and manage your YouTube channel.

And if you liked the post, share it on trendy social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter as well as LinkedIn.