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WordPress Speed Optimization

Our Website Speed Optimization Service

Our Website Speed Optimization Service

Your WordPress speed problems are solved! Yes, you heard it right. Now you could solve your WordPress speed problems through WordPress site optimization, and we are here to help you. If you want to increase the speed and optimize your WordPress, then read on to know more. 

Minifying Resource

We will lessen the size of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to make the site load quicker. We will likewise make JavaScript documents load later to save money on starting the burden season of your pages. Notwithstanding everything about balance, your site needs to stay stable after the minification. We don’t sacrifice stability for speed. 

We have a team of professionals who first understand your business and your requirements by giving individual dedicated time and then develop the website for you. 

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Image Optimization

In our Website speed optimization service, we optimize images in 3 ways in GTmetrix: serve scaled images, specify image dimensions, and optimize images known as lossless compression. We make sure that your images have EXIF data removed and optimized on the latest and fastest WebP format. 

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Plugin Optimization

Plugins are an essential aspect of the website, which makes the website unique. We will optimize every plugin on your website and delete which is unnecessary. If there is any error or fault, then we suggest some alternative which helps to increase the speed of the website. 

Optimizing Database

We can likewise arrange program reserving modules for you that will accelerate the site for returning to clients. Also, a CDN (Content Delivery Network) will make your site quicker by lessening the topographical distance your substance needs to travel, which will bring about a better speed of the website. 

Bad Request

Each snippet of data that went through your site winds up in its data set. Therefore, it will get jumbled, and shortly, it will contrarily influence the presentation. FixRunner can streamline and tidy up your site’s information base, making it thin and quickly more than ever.

WordPress sites are infamous for spam which often results in spambots hitting your server and consuming resources at no benefit. You would never know you have spam bots hitting your site unless you checked using a tool like Wordfence.

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Bloat Removal

Redirect issues can be brought about by an assortment of mistakes (awful modules, broken connections, and so on). Fixing these rely upon the WordPress site and where the sidetracks come from, yet the risks are we can fix them. If plugins bring them about, we may request that you think about replacing them.

WordPress center has inherent highlights you most likely needn’t bother with (Heartbeat API, trackbacks, pingbacks, saving every post update, continuous autosaves, and so forth). By disabling and tweaking these, you are putting less weight on your worker, which like this, makes your site considerably faster.

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Google Loves Fast Loading Website

As when you meet someone, the first impression matters a lot. In the same way, a website’s look is also important for the consumer experience. With the evolution of the Internet, the bar is set high for the speed and loading times a website takes. If you are also worried about this, then don’t worry. We provide a website page speed service which gives the following results: 

  • Increase Traffic

Nobody likes a slow website. 43% of users lose their patience and leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Having a fast WordPress website will ensure a good customer experience and increase the chances of users visiting other pages on your site. 

  • Better Organic Position

Page load time is a vital web crawler positioning element. A quicker site prompts a higher position in the internet searcher results, which will, consequently, draw in more possible clients. This implies that having an improved site is an unquestionable requirement. 

  • Maximize Profits

Speed matters and a quicker site can add to the ascent of your transformation rates. A one-second postponement can cost you up to 7% of transformations. Envision what extra 5 seconds of burden time will do. Try not to allow your business to endure. Accelerate your website today. 

Do you optimize the speed in mobile too?

At Hub Media, our team of experts makes a responsive format to assure that any client on any gadget will have an ideal experience of your site. Also, the most reliable experience. 

A mobile-friendly website is likewise an extraordinary method to refine the substance on your site, ensuring that individuals utilizing a mobile are just seeing the most fundamental data. 

With the Google calculation update, a responsive website design builds perceivability on web indexes—because it is portable and well disposed of. That’s why we create a site for you with a viable portable encounter that will appear in indexed lists over one without. 

There are many reasons why it is important to have a mobile responsive website for a business. Here are some: 

  • Increment reach to clients and customers on more modest gadgets (tablets and cell phones) 
  • A predictable encounter that can expand lead age, deals, and transformations 
  • Examination, following, and detailing would all be able to be in one spot. 
  • The time and cost of the nearby substance on the board are diminished. 
  • Stay in front of the competition (even 44% of Fortune 500 organizations are not portable prepared as of now!)  

The same principles apply to optimizing page speed for mobile devices as they do for desktop computers. Of course, you’ll want to make sure your website is mobile-friendly in the first place! This implies that your website is also functional and user-friendly on smaller displays! 

Test Your Website Speed 

  • Google Page Insight Checker

For quite a long time, Google PageSpeed Insights has been the go-to apparatus for testing and evaluating your site. It’s an essential instrument made by Google that benchmarks locations and grades them on a size of 1 to 100 for both portable and work areas. The higher the number, the quicker the site is. The fantastic feature about this speed checker is that the UI is easy and comes with only one input field for the URL. 

  • GT Metrix

GTmetrix permits you to get detailed information on your page speed, timings, execution score, and substantially more. Without enrolling, you can just run a test from one area in Vancouver, Canada. Yet, after you pursue a free record, you’ll pick your area, various programs, and, surprisingly, the association type.

  • Pingdom

Pingdom is another notable site speed test checker that requires no login to utilize, and the reports are less detailed than what you’d get from Google PageSpeed Insights. The site’s exhibition is evaluated from 0 to 100 and afterward has a breakdown of the reaction codes, content size, demand types, demands by space, and a cascade graph that allows you to see subtleties on your records load times.

Core Web Vitals- An Important Ranking Signal

How do you test Google Core Web Vitals

  • LCP ( Weight 25%)

LCP is the most significant element in your website, which is in the viewpoint that can be your images, video, or animation. 

Optimizing LCP 

  1. Preload the LCP picture 
  2. Pack the LCP picture (attempt 85%) 
  3. Serve the LCP picture from your CDN 
  4. Lessen the LCP picture’s size utilizing WebP or SVG 
  5. Avoid LCP pictures (and different pictures in the viewport) from the apathetic burden. 
  • CLS ( Weight 5%)

CLS refers to elements that are shifting or moving in your website. You can also see the CLs elements in your PageSpeed Insights Diagnostics report. 

Optimizing CLS 

  1. Indicate measurements for pictures, recordings, iframes 
  2. Indicate normal advertisement measurements in div holders 
  3. Attempt to try not to show ads in the viewport 
  4. Fix FOOT by adding “text style show: trade” to your text style’s CSS 
  5. Host text styles locally on your worker and test preloading them 
  6. Please stay away from TTF text style design (it’s usually much slower than WOFF)
  • FID ( Weight 25%)

FID means First Input Delay. It refers to when a user interacts with the website, like when a person clicks a link or button when the website responds. This time doesn’t include scrolling or zooming. 

Optimizing FID 

  1. Concede, delay, minify JavaScript 
  2. Use GZIP or Brotli (ideally Brotli, which is quicker) 
  3. Test whether joining CSS/JS has a positive effect 
  4. Fix 4xx and 5xx blunders in your GTmetrix Waterfall outline 
  5. Eliminate unused JavaScript with a resource dumping module 
  6. Eliminate substantial page developers that add a parcel of extra CSS/JS 
  7. Have a go at utilizing without jquery modules and try not to moderate burden modules. 

How do we improve core web vitals?

Google revealed that beginning in mid-June 2021, it would incorporate Google Core Web Vital into its ranking algorithm. Google just issued a new version that includes speed improvements and a core vital test. It was under beta testing until recently, but the tool is now live, and you can test your site here! 

The amount of optimization required to achieve a 90+ score and pass the CWV is quite advanced and time-consuming. Thus we do not include it in all of our plans. If you are thinking that can we guarantee that you will pass core vitals? Then we can’t promise anything. However, we make every effort to give it. Keep in mind that after we finish optimizing your website, we submit it to Google for a crawl, which takes roughly 30 days to complete. The lab results should pass and be green or orange once we’ve finished our task. 

You should choose Hub Media because, in most circumstances, we are able to acquire a score of 90 or higher; but, due to third-party scripts or other factors, this may not be possible, resulting in a slightly lower score. 

WordPress Optimization FAQs

How fast should a website be?

The ideal time in which your website should load in two seconds or less. Many users expect that your website loads fast. If it takes more time to load, then most of the users abandon the website. 

Why is my website running slow?

The main reason behind your website getting slow lies with the host. You could be having a slow site because you are hosted on free web hosting. You are on a low-quality hosting service with poor support. Another reason could be having a large number of unoptimized images on the website.

Google algorithm uses more than 200 ranking factors, which make it important to consider a large number of factors when preparing an SEO strategy. Both on-page and off-page factors play a role in determining how well a website is optimized and how well it performs in social engine search results ranking.

Digital marketing is focused on a comprehensive approach towards evaluating your goals, understanding the behavioural pattern of your target group, assessing your resources, monitoring and predicting industry trend and finally planning a set of strategies that will leave a larger and lingering impact on your business reach and revenue. 

With the world going digital, everything from infrastructure to data management and analytics can no longer remain in silos and instead, needs to undergo complete transformation. It necessities opting for digital marketing optimization to help your business get the volume and quality of attention it needs for growth and glory. 

Digital marketing helps your business growth through 

  • a new technology plan and operational model 
  • a new approach to enable development, deployment and constant optimization of digital marketing effort
  • continuous assessment of customer experiences and expectations 
  • fulfilling technology requirements for an integrated, best-in-class and bespoke system for data management, analysis and collaboration
Should I use CDN?

For best results, you should use CDN. The main purpose of using CDN is to have faster performance and lower latency. It also provides an easy way to increase the speed of the website.

SEO improves user experience as well and making it more likely that your business will receive repeat customers. And if it comes to cost, good news is you do not have to pay through your nose for SEO work.

Our digital making services offer:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization 
  • Content Marketing 
  • Pay-per-Click Advertising
  • Email Marketing 
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Mobile-Friendly Optimization 
How do you measure speed?

There are many tools to measure the speed of the WordPress website. Some of them are Pingdom, Google SpaceSpeed Insights, and many more. 

  • Do keyword research
  • Create a strong content structure 
  • Write a crispy and catchy title
  • Use SEO-friendly URLs
  • Optimize meta description 
  • Write in small paragraphs
  • Add useful links
  • Optimize images
  • Maintain optimal content length 
  • Optimize your content for mobile interface