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Our Youtube Marketing Service

Youtube is an ongoing social media platform for selling your products and services. Hub media provides one of the best Youtube marketing strategies. As a service provider we ensure application of various marketing strategies for YouTube to gain customers and allows business to connect directly to them.

Video Keyword Research

Video keyword research is all about finding words and phrases that people search online for video content. For your YouTube videos or more online videos, we will do keyword research for your videos for promotion and growth of your business.

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Video Optimization

We do video optimization of your content by using special technologies to improve customer viewing experience by reducing buffering time. Video optimization is a key part of videos SEO. 

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Youtube Analytics

YouTube analytics works as a pulse of your channel. It is important to find out who is watching your videos, what they like about it and more. We will analyze your YouTube channel to provide you correct analytics. 

Youtube Ads

With the help of YouTube Ads, you can reach potential customers and takes action when they watch the video on YouTube. We will provide YouTube Ads of your channel for growth of your channel. 

Lead Generation

Hub Media can set right campaign strategy that can help to increase your leads & grow your business revenue.

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Video Promotion & Distribution

We can promote and distribute your videos to different channels to gain large number of viewers. Hub Media uses different sources to promote your business, like social media platform, emails and more.

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Youtube is the best and largest video platform on the internet and it one of the biggest social media channel 

Video, search and social media are three competencies at Hub Media and we use them for your brand with our youtube marketing services.

Hub Media is a youtube marketing agency that can cover every angle of your youtube marketing strategy.

From developing a full content marketing strategy and refining target audience to video content creation, distribution,analytics, optimization, etc we can handle every element of youtube marketing service

Our professional youtube marketing experts at Hub Media very well know the fact that there is no one-for-all strategy.Since every company is unique so the planning and process needs to be altered accordingly.

As a reputed youtube marketing company in Kolkata , we will evaluate your traffic & increase your subscribers as well as views.

Our team works together in order to form and implement a multi faceted plan to gain more leads for your business and convert them to customers.

On the whole, our youtube marketing team will build, launch and grow your online presence.

Youtube Marketing Service

  • We offer you top class youtube video marketing services in Kolkata at a reasonable price.
  • Our team includes skilled and experienced professionals.
  • We will ensure you that all your videos are uploaded on a regular basis with the right data.
  • We have a good knowledge of how to promote youtube videos and get good business growth.
  • We always keep in touch with our clients and maintain a healthy relationship with them.

Our company’s objective is to look forward and help our clients in the best possible way by solving their problems in no time.

Youtube Marketing Company

Hub Media is one the leading youtube video marketing company in kolkata and we have video marketing tactics for all stages of the sales funnel. We have a team of videographers, Voice over presenters, graphic designers who can easily create polished video content for all stages of the sales process.

  • Social Engagement Videos
  • How to videos
  • .White board videos
  • .Event coverage
  • .Video blogs
  • .On site interviews
  • .Corporate Promos 
  • .Video Ads
  • .Video Testimonials 
  • .Training Videos

We will provide you great video content to compete on the largest video platform.

Our social media management team can deliver you a full suite of youtube management services which includes:

Creating a youtube channel and developing a strategy to improve performance metrics such as watch time, impressions, reach and engagements.

Coordinating content strategies with marketing efforts and project managers.

Providing you ongoing reports and analysis and responding to comments.

We are one of the best youtube promotion company and at Hub Media our social media team focus on youtube optimization strategies such as curating playlists,looking for keyword inclusion,advertising videos across other content channels like email and social networks and engaging more and more subscribers.

Our videographers prioritize video optimization with editing techniques to keep viewers engaged till the last frame.

We also create keyword optimized landing pages which embed your youtube content.This will help your content to be more enabled for Google search and will also increase overall video engagement.

These will help to develop brand awareness and improve lead generation.

As a youtube advertising agency in kolkata we will help you to distribute your video content through social networks and email and pay per click advertising.

We help you to maintain your PPC video advertising campaigns through Google Display Ad Network,facebook ads,linked in ads and other platforms.

Youtube is the best digital platform for video ads on the internet and at Hub Media we script,strategize, produce and edit your youtube ads,and also design banner ads.

Our youtube marketing consultants will help you to manage your youtube ads by refining the target audience, helping you with the cost-per-view bidding process.We will assist you to select the ideal ad format based on your expectations and budget.

Pay Per Click FAQs

What is a video marketing company?

A video marketing company is an agency which has a team of video marketers,video content creators and video distributors who make video content on behalf of the brand and will optimize your video for youtube by using appropriate keywords,tags and sharing the content on relevant platforms.

What is the importance of a marketing video?

Youtube is the second important search engine in the world and just as it is very essential to optimize your website for Google,it is also very important to optimize your video for youtube. Creating videos that are relevant for your target audience will help you to get into the huge market of youtube audience.

Google algorithm uses more than 200 ranking factors, which make it important to consider a large number of factors when preparing an SEO strategy. Both on-page and off-page factors play a role in determining how well a website is optimized and how well it performs in social engine search results ranking.

Digital marketing is focused on a comprehensive approach towards evaluating your goals, understanding the behavioural pattern of your target group, assessing your resources, monitoring and predicting industry trend and finally planning a set of strategies that will leave a larger and lingering impact on your business reach and revenue. 

With the world going digital, everything from infrastructure to data management and analytics can no longer remain in silos and instead, needs to undergo complete transformation. It necessities opting for digital marketing optimization to help your business get the volume and quality of attention it needs for growth and glory. 

Digital marketing helps your business growth through 

  • a new technology plan and operational model 
  • a new approach to enable development, deployment and constant optimization of digital marketing effort
  • continuous assessment of customer experiences and expectations 
  • fulfilling technology requirements for an integrated, best-in-class and bespoke system for data management, analysis and collaboration
How do Youtube Seo functions?

Youtube Seo is about creating videos using relevant keywords,using appropriate keywords in the video title,description,using appropriate tags for the video to gain higher ranking on SERPs.

  • Keyword competition 
  • Quality score 
  • Competitors
  • Your bidding strategy
Do you create videos too??

Yes, we have skillful video makers who can create videos as per your requirement

What is Youtube Ads

Youtube ads is done through Google Ads in order to maximize your video reach to the target audience. Running ads also helps in increasing views and subscribers.