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Ytpals: Grow Your Youtube Subscribers

So, you have launched a YouTube channel. Like many, you think views are most important. Millions of views will make you a celebrity YouTuber and keep your coffer tinkling all the time, right? When you are excessively focused on views, an important point is slipping off your radar. It is YouTube subscribers. 

Importance of YouTube Subscribers? Have you ever given it a thought? It is most likely that the idea never dawned upon you. After reading the article, you will understand why and how YouTube subscribers are not a vanity metric but, more important than viewers. 

Subscribers – Just a Number or Something More?

Views really count – at least, that is what many believe. Once views cross 4000 hours of watch time, you can earn money through your YouTube channel. These also help generate ad revenues. It is an important parameter to assess how popular your video content and YouTube channel are. 

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Subscribers constitute a fraction of total viewers. Subscribers comment on your videos and share those. They are more loyal than those who just come across your video and give it a watch. Subscribers are more regular at your YouTube channel and so their comments and share matter a lot to make your videos popular and monetize them. 

It’s always the subscribers who watch your video first. This ‘First Watch’ counts. They get notifications as soon as you upload a video. They will also get to see your newly released video when they sign on to YouTube and your video appears on their feed. 

Your subscribers’ ‘First Watch’ gives an early push to the number of viewers you already have on your channel. It also signals YouTube about your channel’s popularity. It plays a key role in algorithmic suggestions that it should show your videos to more people. This mechanism will see a swell in subscribers for your channel. Now you see why it makes sense to get subscribers for YouTube

More subscriptions, more opportunities! For example, the number of subscribers is the first consideration if you want to get sponsorship deals and brand deals. The more subscribers you have, the better! Having a substantial number of subscribers will create more avenues for you such as, paid promotions, guest slots, speaking gigs and the likes that will help in more recognition and monetization of your YouTube channel. 

Importance of viewer number pales in comparison to what a significant number of subscriptions can do for you. However, at the end of the day, the engagement on your YouTube channel matters most. The comments on your videos show what people think about your content and how it affects them. It should be put in the context that the lion’s share of views on your video contents doesn’t come from your subscribers. 

A figure around 20% mark is good. From that point of view, the subscriber number may not look that much important. It’s also true that your video content will have an effect on whoever watching and enjoying it. So, even if they have not subscribed, their watching counts as it adds to the watch time. 

For the beginners, subscription number is just a number. Though there are several advantages of having a large number of subscribers, you can employ other means to get viewers to your channels instead of asking your viewers to subscribe. 

After you get subscribers for YouTube, you need to keep on counting the number. However, when doing so, you should think about the niche of your content. This is because, two video contents from different niches cannot be compared on the basis of the number of views or subscribers they have. For example, you cannot compare an entertainment channel to your crochet tutorial channel. The entertainment channels usually get more views and subscribers than the likes of crochet tutorial channel that shows your specialization in that particular niche. 

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Remember you cannot force your viewers to click the ‘Subscribe’ button. So, you should focus on content optimization for top ranking on Google and YouTube. Once the basic objective is achieved, it will be easier for you to get subscribers fast. 

What Exactly Counts for Your Video Content 

You can see many channels are doing great business in spite of having a low number of subscribers. They are getting leads, enquiries, clients and everything else that is affecting their business in the most positive way. The bottom-line of the scenario is YouTube is sending more traffic their way and they are converting those into loads of money. It counts; in fact, it only counts!

However, we cannot say that subscriber number does not matter at all. It will help your YouTube channel become popular and make money. But many times, it is over-rated. It’s more important for you to create good content, make it entertaining and maintain consistency in quality…the result will show sooner or later.  

How to Increase Subscribers on YouTube through Ytpals

Before we dive into the topic of how to increase subscribers on YouTube free, let us first take a quick glance at the current statistics about YouTube users. 

Nearly 1.86 billion people all over the globe are using YouTube in 2021. Of all these users, 18% use YouTube to follow brands and companies. 

Image credit: Backlinko

The statistics makes it clear that if you run a business, not exploring the power of YouTube will cost you a LOT. Future of today’s business depends a lot on the quality of video contents made and uploaded by the companies and brands. But creating a good quality content is not enough if you fail to reach out to a wider pool of audiences. 

In other words, if your video content does not get viewers and followers, it won’t help much to create awareness about your brand. Let us face the fact – YouTube is experiencing a tsunami of video contents that are easily accessible. Subscribers or followers take your business ahead of your competitors. Quality matters but so do subscribers. The question is how to get YouTube subscribers.  

There are some simple tips and tricks to help you increase the number of your YouTube subscribers in the most natural way. But it will take time and meanwhile, your competitors will be experiencing a surge in subscription number. So, there are other ways to increase the number of subscribers to your channel. 

You can increase your subscriber number to your YouTube channel through Ytpals in two ways – either free of cost or by making payment. Here is a step-by-step guideline about how to increase subscribers on YouTube channel for free. 

Step 1: Enter your YouTube channel ID to Register with Ytpals 

Step 2: You will find 4 options as follows: 

  • Starter or Free 
  • Enterprise
  • Elite 
  • Celebrity 

Step 3: You have to manually activate free plans. You need to activate 1 every 12 hours. You can stop using free plan any time. 

Step 4: Press ‘Like’ for 20 videos. Press ‘Subscribe’ to 20 channels. You will get 10 subscribers in 12 hours. 

Features of Ytpals

Followings are the most important features of Ytpals:

Free Subscribers: If you subscribe to other user’s channel, you will receive 10 Free daily subscribers in return. 

Quality View: All subscribers you earn through Ytpals are quality subscribers. By providing good content consistently, you can keep them hooked to your video channel.

Extreme Security: Ytpals always makes sure your data is safe with them. The security of your channel is their prime concern and they never compromise it at any cost.  

Easy to Use: Add your channel, select a plan and click shoot. It’s a simple and straightforward process. 

Real & Active Users: Ytpals is committed to delivering 100% real and active users to your channel. So, you will neither get into troubles with YouTube nor have to worry about bots. 

Round-the-Clock Support: Ytpals team is always ready to meet your queries. You can always reach them via email. 

Benefits of Buying Youtube Subscribers on Ytpals

Every YouTuber wants to be noticed, watched, followed and known by as many as possible. However, the very thought of how to get loads of subscribers for your YouTube channel could be daunting, frustrating and sometimes, impossible particularly in the online world thick with content and competitors. 

A great way to get your channel and content noticed is to buy YouTube subscribers. You will have to part your way with a few dollars but it’s worth spending. It’s a small sacrifice on your part but going to bring your video content attention from a wider pool of viewers. So, don’t miss on the chance of getting your YouTube channel more recognized and monetized. 

Here Are Some Advantages of Buying YouTube Subscribers: 

#100% Legal

By buying subscribers, you are not going against YouTube’s stringent policy and rules. The action is, in no way, against YouTube’s terms of service.  However, it’s important to assert that you want only real users in order to avoid account limitation. 

#Improves Your Channel Ranking

If you buy real YouTube subscribers, you actually enhance the chance of improving your channel’s ranking on YouTube search engine. A high subscription means every time someone searches anything related to your video content, the chance that users will see your channel goes up dramatically. 

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#Helps You Survive Stiff Competition

As you dream of having your content and channel watched by potential audiences, focusing only on content will never take you long. You need to do something for optimum exposure and subscription purchase really helps. Competition is getting stiffer and it necessitates investing in YouTube subscribers buy if you want your YouTube channel to get more deals and enhance your brand’s sales. 

#Boosts More Viewing & Sharing 

If your YouTube channel has a large number of fan followers, it is more likely that potential users will find your content worth watching and subscribing to. A large number of subscribers mean your content is compelling, informative, exciting and engaging and therefore, worth watching and sharing. It signals other prospective users that your channel is authentic and professional. 

How to Check YouTube Subscribe Content?

We do hope you have got a clear understanding of why you should invest in buying subscribers and it won’t be a bad investment. It is now time to know how to view subscribers on YouTube. Remember you need web browser to access the detailed analysis as you cannot get these pieces of information from your mobile YouTube app. 

The new YouTube video is going to offer a more stunning experience. Currently, YouTube is beta testing the new launch. Therefore, the usual process won’t help you to access the classic Creator Studio. However, it is still possible to use Studio Analytics for viewing your subscriber count. Follow these steps:

  • At the right corner, you will find your profile icon. Click on it and then choose “YouTube Studio (beta)”.
Image credit: Business insider
  • You will reach the new Studio dashboard. Click on “Analytics” on the left.
  • From here, you can view detailed information – views, watch time and subscribe count – and it will give you a fair idea about your channel’s performance. 

You can still use the classic Creator Video. Go through the following steps to know how to check YouTube subscribers by using Classic Creator Video: 

  • “Creator Studio Classic” sits on the bottom left corner of the page. Click on it. 
Image credit: Technoblog
  • It will open up a window enquiring why you like to switch. Choose your reason and you will get back to the Old Creator Studio dashboard. Choose “Community” option and click on it. 
  • Next, you will find the option to view the names of your subscribers. It will show only those, who have chosen the option to disclose their subscription, along with some basic information such as when they subscribed and the number of subscribers they have. 
  • You can also choose “Most Popular” and “Most Recent” to sort your channel subscribers. It will help you keep a tack of if you have other YouTubers among your followers. If they are following your channel, follow them back. It’s a good idea to forge relationship with them and might bloom into future partnership. 
  • Setting up valuable partnerships with other YouTube content composers will help you go a long way. It will help you grow your channel. You could create content with your partners, feature them in your videos and even have them featuring you. Such a symbiotic relationship will make your channel look more professional and attract more audiences to your content, leading to earning more subscribers. 

Final Thoughts

Now you have got an in-depth understanding of how much subscription means for your YouTube channel and all the details affecting the subscriber count. You have also learned how to see YouTube subscribers through Analytics. Keep in mind that you will not always get accurate and updated numbers. Use Live Subscriber Count Tool if you want to check real-time subscriber count for your channel. 

Video content is very powerful to put forward your thoughts. Wield the power of YouTube videos and get subscribers to your channel – the rest will follow.