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Content Writing Services Agency in Kolkata

We at hub Media, provide you best content writing services in Kolkata. We have a group of professional writers who focuses on writing unique, well researched, SEO optimized content to promote your business and generate rapid website traffic.

Article & Blogs

We provide you great article and blogs writing services. An article and blogs plays an important role in a website, to ensure you get good traffic on your website. We ensure we provide SEO Optimized articles and blogs in regards to your niche. 

SEO Content

SEO Content is a write up that is especially designed to rank in the search engine sites like Google and more. We ensure to provide you SEO Content to rank your website by using specific keyword. 

Social Media Copywriting

Social media copywriting is all about promoting a business or a brand. We provide you unique and optimized copywriting on social platforms. 

Press Release

A press release is an official statement that is published online to provide detailed information or to make an announcement. We prepare a document for your goods and services for the media with complete details. 


A newsletter is a perfect way to have regular communication with your subscribers over mail. We offer your business’s newsletter directly to your customer’s or prospective leads inbox to share content and to drive traffic to your website. 

Website Content

Website content is textual, visual or content that is a part of your website. Our professional content writers provide you unique and researched website content to ensure your website increases user experience. 

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Content Marketing Tools

Creative and Productive Content Writing Service

Are you looking for a top class professional content writing company in kolkata? Hub Media can set your website apart from the masses with attention grabbing content. We write content where words flow and your business messages go viral in the form of waves among your target audience.

We Hub Media transform your ideas into words to tell your story which has never been told before.

We provide the best content writing service in Kolkata because we work with a team of professionals and edgy content writers who dedicatedly frame website content, blogs,articles, profile writings, product description, Seo content etc.

Our content writing service will help you to engage readers on your website because good quality content plays a major role in Google ranking.

Hire Premium Content Writing Agency Kolkata

  • .We have an expert team of content writers in Kolkata who have specialized skills in the type of content they write.We have a separate team each for web content writing,blog post,social media content and seo content.
  • .We have a team who can serve different types of industries according to their area of specialization. We have served different kinds of industries like health,education, tourism,beauty and digital marketing.
  • We always meet the deadline given by clients with consistent quality.We are always available for our clients and can deliver you the content on an urgent basis also.
  • All our expert content writers always write contents which are plagiarism free. They produce contents that can help you to gain maximum traffic to your site.
  • Most people are in search of cost-effective content writing service and we could provide that with the minimum budget which you need to pay as per your business niche.
  • We make use of the paid tool Grammarly for checking any grammatical or spelling errors just to make our clients satisfied and developing better customer relationships.
  • We make use of brainstorming tools for content writing like Ideaflip,Hub Spot’s Blog topic generator, Hemingway, Calmly writer etc.

 Seo Content Writing Agency Kolkata

Seo content writing is not only including keywords in the content,but also does proper keyword content analysis to make your website blogs, articles rank easily on Google. Our skilled content writers can perfectly present your Seo content that can communicate with the right audience.

There are several benefits that good quality creative content writing can bring and that is why creative content is a part of our Seo strategy. It will provide added value to customers visiting your website and will also enhance your brand reputation in your particular field.

Creative content will generate direct traffic and will increase engagement in the form of comments, shares, posts and discussions.

We provide one of the best content writing services in kolkata by producing creative content for our clients as per their requirements under the guidance of top content writers in kolkata.

Having a persuasive company profile is very important for business exposure. You can hire us who can make you an inseparable content marketing strategy for your business along with writing the preferable content according to your requirements.

 Social media is an extensively used online marketing platform and it is an ideal place for online marketing,with the help of our expert social media content writers we can write an accurate company profile for your company on all social networking sites like facebook,instagram etc

Our writers will also write the content while posting on different social media.

We also provide a unique service where our expert writers write Seo optimized product descriptions according to your business catalog.

We have a team of extremely talented content writers who can develop your web content and can also write Seo optimized blogs to improve your website rankings. We help you to select an appropriate topic, do keyword research and finally deliver the content as per the schedule.

Content Writing FAQs

What is the difference between content & copy writing?

When we talk about the difference between content writing and copy writing, the main difference is about the length. Content is usually longer like blog posts, eBooks and more whereas copywriting is smaller and to the point like tag lines, ads, landing pages and more. Another difference is, content is all about delivering detailed information, and copy is selling your brand. 

Can I modify the content provided by you?

Definitely, yes. Content can be easily customized easily and quickly. All you need is a specific period of time to change the content. But once it is published in the website, it becomes tough to modify the content. If the content is published through wordpress eliminator, then it becomes easy to customize the content.

How many types of content writing service do you provide?

There are seven types of content writing services, offered by us. They are: 

  • Website Content 
  • Blog posts 
  • Article writing 
  • Product review
  • Social media content 
  • News writing 
  • Technical writing 
  • Academic writing 
  • Advertisements 
Do you follow any writing policy?

When we talk about writing policy, the first thing that matters is unique content. My writing policy is I provide 100% non plagriazed content with great grammarly score. My contents are highly researched and after a complete study of the topic I write the content. I use paid tools to check plagriasm of the content and ensure my content is unique and SEO optimized that helps a website to gain organic traffic

Can you post blogs on website??

To post on website, it is important to have id and password of word press. So if you are willing, to allow me the credentials then it becomes easy to post or publish blogs on website. As most of the small businesses and bloggers, build their website through word press and in recent days, it is the best platform for building a website. 

What is the minimum turnaround time??

Minimum turn around time for 1000 words article is 3-4 hours, if it does not require much research and it is non technical. When it is about writing a technical content, for 1000 to 2000 words, it needs one complete day. Turnaround time vary from word count to limit. 

Is the content provided by you are completely original & unique??

Yes, we make sure we deliver 100% unique and original content. We mainly focus on understanding the topic or niche first, then we write on it on our own words.  To be on safer side, we use duplicate content checker, like Copyscape, quetext and more to ensure the content is completely original.